Thursday, December 18, 2008

Solving Your Merchandise Blues

Did you recently attend an FW event and fail to bring along sufficient funds for a shiny whistle?

Have you read the FW story and decided you NEED a t-shirt but always miss our events?

While visiting did you notice there's no online store and curl up in a ball and cry?

Well I'm here to stop your troubles and provide a solution.

Her name is Paige Vincent.

This is THE girl you talk to if you want to purchase any FW merch

We're taking this whole merch thing to the streets... if you want to purchase anything, call up PV and she'll meet up with you. At your house, a coffee shop, a dark alley, whatever your fancy.
Yeah, we know it sounds sketchy but sketchiness should never barricade your pursuit of fashionable AND humanitarian clothing and accessories, right?

So shoot PV an email: or call her up: 972-835-1200.

Thanks for the support. Happy buying.

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